Leading Thinking

Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) is an analytical public affairs consulting firm. We work on complex issues in highly regulated industries, partnering with clients to advance their most important priorities.

We integrate substantive analysis with communications and believe a deep understanding of business and economics leads to more effective public engagement and better outcomes for our clients. Our communications are fact-based, compelling, and memorable. Our analysis is rigorous, accessible, and thought-provoking.

Our integrated approach combines analytical rigor, topical expertise, and creative thinking to improve understanding of the issues facing our clients.

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The HPS Approach


Thought Provoking
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Resonant & Memorable
Leading Thinking
Understand Complex Issues

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Clients Across Diverse Sectors

Regardless of the topic or audience, it is a prerequisite that we agree with a prospective client’s position on the issue they are facing. This informs how we feel about the work we do, the way we think about it, and the impact it has. All together, this makes Hamilton Place Strategies one of the most innovative and effective public affairs firms working today. We call it—

Leading Thinking.