Managing A Reputational Crisis For Genetics Lab's COVID Testing Program

AdvaGenix is a CLIA-certified genetics laboratory in Rockville, Maryland.

Research & Analysis
Communications & Media
Political & Legal Team Management

With expertise in diagnostic testing, AdvaGenix sought and was approved by the FDA to conduct Covid-19 PCR testing soon after the pandemic started. It subsequently received a lucrative testing contract with Montgomery County, Maryland. Due to a disagreement between regulatory bodies about the lab’s testing procedures as approved under the FDA’s emergency use authorization, AdvaGenix was ordered by the state of Maryland to cease Covid-19 testing.

AdvaGenix hired HPS to assemble a team of outside advisors, stem the tide of incoming media attention and develop a strategic plan that reinstates the company’s certification to test.

Our Approach
Website Redesign
Website Redesign

Working directly with the CEO and COO, HPS:

  • Hired and managed outside legal and political counsel
  • Established clear workflow processes between legal, communications, and political advisory teams
  • Drafted proactive and reactive public statements, conducted media training and handled all media monitoring and rapid response needs
  • Helped guide the company through the complex and evolving regulatory guidelines for Covid-19 testing.
  • Developed a forward plan for the business to resume testing and pursue new business opportunities.

HPS Creative also led the company through a brand elevation process that included a website redesign and new business development materials.


With HPS’ help, AdvaGenix saved their business and resumed patient testing by:

  • Immediately shifting the media narrative surrounding the company
  • Amending its relationship with local governments, businesses, and residents
  • Returning to full compliance with federal and state health authorities and resume COVID testing
  • Developing a collection of new digital and print marketing materials
  • Conducting business development outreach to nearly 500 potential customers, including nursing homes, sports teams and private schools across the country.