Camila Reimpell
Senior Analyst

Intern, Hamilton Place Strategies

Research Assistant, UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies

Editorial Assistant, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, UC Berkeley School of Law


Camila Reimpell is an analyst at Hamilton Place Strategies, where she assists clients in developing effective communications strategies around issues related to economic policy.

Camila began her tenure at HPS as an intern, engaging stakeholders and conducting analyses for clients in financial services, technology, and international affairs. She was previously a research assistant at the UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies, where she investigated the dynamics of the manufacturing labor market in the U.S. and Mexico under NAFTA. Camila also worked as an editorial assistant at the UC Berkeley School of Law. She served as VP of Marketing for Undergraduate Women in Economics at Berkeley (UWEB) and Outreach Lead for the Berkeley Economic Review.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Camila earned her dual degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and Sciences Po Paris, where she studied Economics and Social Sciences with a concentration in Latin American Studies.