Jolene Rencher
IT Manager

Genius, Apple, Inc.

Product Service Test Engineer, Apple, Inc.

Project Coordinator, Howard University Substance Abuse HIV/AIDS Outreach Program (SHOP)


Jolene Rencher is the IT manager at Hamilton Place Strategies. She serves as the primary internal contact for office-wide information technology support while assisting in overall office operations based on the changing needs of the firm.

Before joining HPS, Jolene worked as a Genius for one of the largest tech companies today, Apple, Inc. She believes that technology is a field that is continuously evolving, and as it expands, we can gain limitlessness knowledge. As a tenured Apple, Inc. Genius, Jolene has introduced, guided and coached customers on the Apple, Inc. culture and brand. She has extensive experience in addressing customer concerns, troubleshooting hardware/software, and device repair in a high-volume customer environment. In addition to these primary responsibilities, she drove sales metrics and gave product advice and training. Jolene has also planned and executed significant marketing events in the DC Metro Market for Apple, Inc.

Jolene is originally from San Diego, California and, despite having a strong IT background, she still holds a passion for the healthcare industry. She graduated from Howard University with a B.S. in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Community Health and recently completed her M.S. in Health Education and Promotion at Walden University. She is currently in training to become a certified Perinatal Community Health Worker with Mamatoto Village.