Tucker Warren

Communications Director, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

Senior Account Supervisor, Edelman

Senior Account Executive, Lipman Hearne


Tucker Warren is a senior communications strategist with more than two decades of​ ​experience advising business leaders. As a partner at Hamilton Place Strategies and an​ ​advisor to Ballast Research, Tucker helps companies align their business objectives and​ ​communications strategy with desired public policy outcomes.

In his career, Tucker has worked on domestic and international finance, trade, insurance,​ ​healthcare, education, manufacturing, transportation, technology, and presidential politics. He​ ​has a keen understanding of how to reach stakeholders​ ​through the media, the importance of​ ​building third-party relationships, the unique dynamics of internal communications, how to​ ​apply research in advocacy campaigns, and the full integration of design and advertising to​ ​create awareness or affect change.

Previously, Tucker directed communications for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission –​ ​established by Congress to examine the causes of the financial and economic crisis. He​ ​developed the overall communications strategy, served as the Commission spokesperson​, ​and advised commissioners on high-profile public appearances.​​Tucker’s career in client services has included two other consultancies – Edelman public​ ​relations and Lipman Hearne, a firm specializing on nonprofit communications.

A few of Tucker’s professional highlights include: securing the passage of trade promotion​ ​authority after a multi-million dollar advocacy campaign, managing the national rollout of the​ ​annual MacArthur “genius awards”, launching a video game for people living with MS,​ ​releasing a national COVID testing strategy resulting in global media attention, managing a​ ​national media tour featuring an ultra-marathon runner running 63 marathons in 63 days,​ ​releasing the FCIC’s report which became a New York Times national best-seller, and​ ​advising Howard Schultz as he considered running for President in 2020.

Tucker came to Washington in 1999 to work for Al Gore’s presidential campaign after​ ​graduating from Auburn University with a degree in political science and serving as a member​ ​of the men’s golf team. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife Kate and their two children.