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Insights: Crypto Convos With Ripple's Sue Friedman

April 19, 2022

Today’s #CryptoConvos episode of HPS Insights features an interview with Sue Friedman, head of Public Policy at Ripple. HPS Partner Bryan DeAngelis and HPS Senior Director Elliott Owensby chat with Sue about Ripple’s work, especially the company’s focus on cross-border remittances. 

They also discuss the current crypto regulatory environment in the U.S. and compare it to that in the EU, where Sue has expertise as the Chair of the Digital Pound Foundation and the Vice Chair of Blockchain for Europe.

“One of the core issues that we are focused on, is how do you better define what these digital assets are within our existing financial regulatory frameworks,” Friedman said. “What you hear is: are they securities? Are they commodities? Should they be defined as something else? Who has regulatory oversight over these assets?”

HPS Insights launched the “Crypto Convos” miniseries to provide the latest insights and analyses in crypto technology, policy, and regulation. Each episode features an interview with a crypto expert from various segments of the industry, offering their unique perspective on some of the biggest questions facing crypto regulators and investors today.

On the first four episodes, guests include Amit Sharma, CEO & Founder of FinClusive; Alex Sternhell of the Sternhell Group, a leading cryptocurrency lobbyist; Will McDonough, a leader in crypto-based funds and Vice Chairman of Valkyrie Investments; and Modern Markets Initiative CEO Kirsten Wegner and Elliptic Senior Policy Associate Kate Goldman, co-hosts of Crypto [StudyHall], a podcast that dives into the ever-evolving space of crypto through conversations with experts across the industry.

Check out our recent blog post on the podcast’s launch here. And as always, make sure to subscribe to the HPS Insights podcast channel wherever you get your podcasts, and give us a follow on Twitter @HPSInsight to hear about new Crypto Convos episodes, coming soon! 


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