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New HPS Insights Podcast Miniseries: Crypto Convos

March 1, 2022
4 min read
Bryan DeAngelis
Elliott Owensby

With what seem like new innovations almost every day and an uncertain regulatory environment, the crypto space is rapidly changing—so much so that it’s hard to keep up with the latest developments.

To help provide the latest insights and analyses, HPS Insights launched “Crypto Convos,” a miniseries hosted by HPS Partner Bryan DeAngelis and HPS Senior Director Elliott Owensby. Each episode features an interview with a crypto expert from various segments of the industry to discuss the latest developments in crypto technology, policy, and regulation. Each guest offers a unique perspective on some of the biggest questions facing crypto regulators and investors today.

In the series’ inaugural episode, Bryan and Elliott were joined by Amit Sharma, CEO & Founder of FinClusive, a fintech firm at the cutting edge of 21st century compliance solutions for un- and underbanked communities across the globe. The group discussed how FinClusive is using new crypto products to expand financial access across the globe, the tight-rope that U.S. regulators walk when trying to balance the need for crypto regulation without hamstringing innovation, and the inherent tension between financial inclusion and counter-terrorist financing.

In the second episode of the series, Bryan and Elliott spoke with Alex Sternhell, principal at the Sternhell Group and a top financial services public policy strategist in Washington. The group discussed the evolving interest in crypto on the Hill, including new stablecoin developments and the inclusion of crypto-related tax provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. After walking through the past and present landscape surrounding crypto regulation and policy in the U.S., the group debated what future regulatory and policy action might look like. 

Crypto Convos’ third installment features Will McDonough, a leader in introducing one of the first Bitcoin future ETFs and Vice Chairman of Valkyrie Investments. HPS Partner Matt McDonald and Markets Policy Partners’ Brendan Walsh joined Bryan for the conversation, in which Will shared insights on the maturing regulatory environment for crypto-based funds, the potential of NFT technology, and more.

The latest episode of the series is a “podcast within a podcast,” as Bryan and Elliott are joined by Modern Markets Initiative CEO Kirsten Wegner and Elliptic Senior Policy Associate Kate Goldman, co-hosts of Crypto [StudyHall], a podcast that dives into the ever-evolving crypto landscape through conversations with experts from across the industry. Kirsten and Kate discussed new crypto developments and upcoming guests that they are most excited about, crypto’s impacts on almost every facet of life, particularly on social justice and geopolitics, and more.

Stay tuned for additional episodes throughout 2022, the so-called year of crypto regulation, as HPS continues its work to help clients define and navigate this new industry. Be sure to subscribe to the HPS Insights podcast on your favorite podcast platform to be the first to know about additional episodes, coming soon!

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