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Insights: Crypto Convos With Kirsten Wegner and Kate Goldman

March 1, 2022
Hosted by Elliott Owensby and Bryan DeAngelis, Crypto Convos is a miniseries from HPS Insights, featuring interviews with crypto experts from across the industry to explore their perspectives on new developments in the crypto space.
In this episode of the series, Elliott and Bryan are joined by Modern Markets Initiative CEO Kirsten Wegner and Elliptic Senior Policy Associate Kate Goldman, co-hosts of Crypto [StudyHall], a podcast that dives into the evolving space of crypto through conversations with diverse, dynamic guests across the space. The group discusses Crypto [StudyHall]’s origin story, crypto’s impacts on social justice and geopolitics, especially in light of crypto’s implications in recent sanctions against Russia, and what new developments Kirsten and Kate are most excited about.
This episode was recorded on Thursday, February 24, 2022.
Show Notes

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