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Insights: HPS Covers Consensus

June 21, 2022
1 min read

On today’s episode of HPS Insights, Host Bryan DeAngelis sits down with Stephanie Dodge and Nicole Beckman, members of the HPS crew, to get their thoughts on Coindesk’s Consensus 2022 conference. Stephanie and Nicole traveled to Austin, Texas, for the event and shared the headlines in crypto and fintech. 

Consensus 2022 is one of largest crypto conferences in the United States, with just over 20,000 participants, and covers conversations on crypto regulation, investment, entertainment, and more. The group discusses their expectations for an in-person conference, as well as their key takeaways from the weekend – from forum topics to surprise guest speakers. They examine the role that Consensus 2022 plays in navigating the larger global conversation on fintech, as well as the role that the media has in shaping this discussion. The group also analyzes the current state of the crypto industry, relative reception of new market trends, and speculations on the next phase of the crypto world. 

“The way I’ve been describing [Consensus] is like a bank conference, a hacker convention, and an EDM festival all in one thing.” – Stephanie Dodge.  

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