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HPS Insights: Unpacking The Global Chip Shortage With HPS' Oliver Edelmann and Kushal Modi

July 12, 2022
1 min read

Microchips are used in everything from computers and phones to cars and smart home appliances. While COVID-related chip shortages have recently shown signs of easing, the supply squeeze has left lasting questions about the resilience of global supply chains, the yearslong shift of leading-edge manufacturing capabilities from the U.S. to East Asia, and what role industrial policy should play in beefing up U.S. production capacity. 

On today’s episode of HPS Insights, Host Bryan DeAngelis sits down with Oliver Edelmann, a director at HPS, and Kushal Modi, an associate at HPS, to get their thoughts on semiconductor supply chains and congressional efforts to boost domestic chip production. 

Oliver and Kushal begin by outlining the current state of the industry, from increasing demand for chips to rising production costs and the complexity of global chip supply chains. 

The group then discusses the United States Innovation and Competition Act, which includes significant funding for domestic semiconductor production under the CHIPS Act, and the effects of U.S. sanctions on China’s efforts to become a global leader in semiconductors.

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