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HPS Insights: Navigating Rules of Engagement for Nonprofits, with Stephanie Walstrom and Stacy Kerr

July 19, 2022
2 min read

Nonprofit organizations are facing mounting calls for greater action in response to societal issues, all while juggling international crises, increasing political partisanship, and other difficult trends to navigate.

On today’s episode of HPS Insights, HPS Partner Bryan DeAngelis sits down with fellow HPS Partner Stacy Kerr and Stephanie Walstrom, a senior director at HPS, to dig into the evolving dynamics of the nonprofit sector and how executives are striking a balance between responsiveness and avoiding ‘crisis fatigue.’ Stephanie draws from her experience in various nonprofit roles to discuss what defines successful advocacy for nonprofits and foundations and how that has changed in comparison to corporations. 

Stacy and Stephanie outline the growing list of marketing and communications challenges facing nonprofits and foundations, from building diverse coalitions to stakeholder management. Stephanie gives examples of how nonprofits can improve responsiveness while still remaining relevant and true to their core values when addressing expectations of responsibility in social services. The group also dives into the evolving role of nonprofits and how these companies exercise their influence without the same external presence as larger companies. 
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