Stuart Siciliano

Assistant Press Secretary, The White House

White House Office of Management and Budget


Stuart Siciliano is a founding partner of HPS. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm. In this role, he oversees the staff, finances, human resources, and firm development. Additionally, he manages the strategic planning and business development process. The training and staffing processes are a core tenant of HPS and Stuart ensures they are managed and run properly. 

In addition, he specializes in media relations and strategic communications, based on his extensive relationships with national, global, and financial media.  Stuart oversees the design and execution of major media events ranging from televised press conferences to round table interviews.   

Most recently, Stuart was Assistant Press Secretary to President George W. Bush at the White House where he developed strong and trusted relationships with the national press corps. During his time at the White House, Stuart served as a spokesman for President Bush, managed and oversaw the White House Press Corps, facilitated press coverage as directed by the Press Secretary, including major international summits and addresses to the nation, as well as nationally televised press conferences at the White House, Camp David and abroad. Traveling to more than 24 countries with the President, Stuart served as the media liaison for the United States government and as the main advocate for the needs of the traveling press corps.

 Prior to his work in the press office, Stuart worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget’s communications office. In addition, he served the President throughout the country as a member of the Presidential Advance team.

 A native of San Marino, CA, Stuart graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Political Science. Stuart lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and three daughters.