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Q&A With HPS Associates And Analysts

September 17, 2020
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Q: What’s your favorite thing about HPS?

A: “Definitely the people! Being surrounded by such an intellectually curious group of individuals, who also know how to not take themselves too seriously, has been a real highlight during my time here at HPS. Even during this remote period, everyone finds time to connect virtually and help one another out, which is the type of collaborative working environment that I’ve found particularly beneficial as a new employee.”

-Carolyn Backus, Analyst, Class of 2019

A: “We have an incredible amount of input into the kind of work that we do. From little tasks, like who takes on what deliverable, to client staffing, to independent projects, there’s a lot of ability to explore the topics and skill sets you’re interested in.”

-JinAh Kim, Associate, Class of 2018

Q: What does a regular workday look like for you?

A: “A typical workday for me includes scanning the news and reading relevant tipsheets each morning, drafting our two daily associate tweets, checking a list of action items I’ve written on a sticky note in front of my computer, and identifying times for me to complete these items between various internal team meetings, coffee chats, and client calls. These deliverables can include anything from doing analysis in excel to writing a draft press release or pitch, as well as preparing and curating media lists and strategy documents.”

-Cole Kline, Associate, Class of 2019

A: “One of my favorite things about working at HPS is that there really is no ‘regular workday.’ The nature of our structure, which allows us to work on several different clients and different types of projects at the same time, means that my schedule can change day-to-day. Some tasks happen routinely (getting organized at the start of the day, working on internal team tasks), but otherwise, it’s quite dependent on client needs. It’s nice to never fully know what the day will bring, especially with work from home!”

-Matisse Rogers, Associate, Class of 2019

Q: What is the favorite policy area/issue you work on?

A: “My favorite policy area is financial services and financial technology. One of my favorite issues within that realm is small-dollar lending and credit for non-prime customers. It’s such a niche space within the fintech scene and it has taught me so much about an industry I never knew existed before HPS.”

-Adeline Sandridge, Associate, Class of 2019

A: “I’ve worked on a few clients related to economic development and the future of work, and these have been extremely fascinating issue areas to explore. Particularly with the onset of the pandemic, thinking through access to financial capital and job security has taken on a particular level of importance, which has made my experiences on these teams very meaningful and exciting.”

-Carolyn Backus, Analyst, Class of 2019

Q: How has it been working remotely?

A: “I was really nervous about starting a new job remotely, but HPS did a great job of training us virtually and making us feel very supported. From day 1, I was inundated (in a good way!) with welcome messages and Zoom coffee dates.”

-Catherine Benedict, Associate, Class of 2020

A: “Remote work has actually worked pretty well for me. As a firm, we’re well suited to do everything online and I find that I can be more productive at home. However, I do miss in-person collaboration and the many fun events that make the HPS experience so special.”

-Koby Gordon, Analyst, Class of 2019

Q: What has been the hardest thing about your time at HPS?

A: “Getting up to speed on all of the different skills, tactics, and ways of doing things at HPS. It’s definitely a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of things you can really start to focus on perfecting the quality of your work and pushing it to the next level.”

-Claire Radler, Associate, Class of 2019

A: “The hardest part about first joining HPS was keeping up with the fast pace of work and having a pulse on so many different policy issues all at once. Thanks to a combination of supportive teammates and learning much faster than I imagined possible, I was able to get up to speed and now know much more about niche issues that I was barely aware of before coming to HPS.”

-Mariel Messier, Associate, Class of 2018

Q: What is one thing that has surprised you about HPS?

A: “The firm’s commitment to the professional growth and development of its analysts and associates has really surprised and impressed me. I knew that HPS would train us to do our jobs well, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised how everyone wants to set us up for success in our long-term careers, whether those be at HPS or other opportunities. Training at HPS is more than just one week on a schedule; everyone has made it clear through their actions that it’s an ongoing process.”

-Catherine Benedict, Associate, Class of 2020

A: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed by how quickly people pick up the skills of the job, both hard and soft. When I first started, the older associates seemed so competent and knowledgeable; it’s been great watching my own class and the younger classes of associates grow into a similar role.”

-JinAh Kim, Associate, Class of 2018

Q: What is your favorite HPS memory?

A: “One of my teams got to travel to Chicago for a meeting with a client. We don’t often get to sit in the same office as our clients, so it was an insightful experience to see how they worked. But best of all, it was great to get to know my colleagues better and explore the city before we started the workday!”

-Mariel Messier, Associate, Class of 2018

A: “My favorite HPS memories are time spent getting to know coworkers, both at and outside of work. I really miss sitting on the deck with others for lunch and enjoying the nice weather!”

-Claire Radler, Associate, Class of 2019

Q: If you could go back to your first day at HPS, what advice would you give yourself? What advice would you give folks just starting their careers?

A: “Be patient with yourself as you learn the ropes of your first job! HPS can teach you so much and the learning curve can be steep, but take the time your role requires to master your skills and know it won’t be perfect the first few times you try. There is an incredible support system at HPS—from older associates all the way up to partners—willing to impart their wisdom to make your experience the best it can be.”

-Adeline Sandridge, Associate, Class of 2019

A: “To first-year analysts and associates, I would suggest being open to opportunities and topics that once might have been outside of your comfort zone. I have come across very interesting and rewarding projects at HPS that I did not expect would be possible on my first day, which has allowed me to tap into strengths of which I would not have been aware otherwise.”

-Tala Anchassi, Analyst, Class of 2019

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