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Insights: A Conversation With Emily David Hershman

March 8, 2022
2 min read

On this episode of HPS Insights, Emily David Hershman, Director of Engagement and Special Projects in the Office of Delaware Governor John Carney joins HPS Partner Bryan DeAngelis to discuss the role of a communications team at the state government level and the unique challenges of the job. 

In the episode, Emily dives into how her team managed the COVID-19 crisis over what has now been over two years, outlining Delaware’s response to the pandemic and the ways in which her office worked to confront misinformation, build wide-reaching trust, and develop local relationships. 

Emily notes the importance of being nimble in public-facing communications and honest in disclosing the limitations of available information. “The message we’re saying today is accurate today,” she said. “But we have to all understand that just like this virus is changing—it’s getting new variants, etc.—so is our messaging.” She also provides insights into how Delaware and other states have been creative in the distribution of key messaging to reach new, younger audiences. Emily speaks to the importance of compassion and working with other states—from Massachusetts to Connecticut and Rhode Island—to learn how to better reach their citizens where they are. Listen to the full conversation here and check out the show notes below! 

Show Notes


Delaware COVID-19 Dashboard

– First COVID-19 case in Delaware on March 11, 2020

– Only 50% of Delawareans ages 18-35 were vaccinated by June 2021

– Delaware engaged in door-knocking to spread COVID vaccine information

California SMARTER coronavirus plan

– John Gallagher Jr. COVID-19 Video

– Elena Delle Donne COVID-19 Video

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