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Hamilton Place Strategies and Ballast Research Announce Partnership with alva

July 27, 2021
2 min read

A few weeks ago when HPS and Ballast Research announced our partnership we hinted at more to come. Today we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with alva, a London-based stakeholder intelligence platform, thanks to a majority stake support by Falfurrias Capital Partners (FCP).

alva is an exciting and valuable addition to our partnership as we continue to build a comprehensive suite of services to help companies manage their reputations with all stakeholders.  In our work alva will help us to deliver richer, more insightful, and global solutions for our clients.  

The team at alva created a stakeholder intelligence platform that provides data-rich, real-time technology to companies across industries, including financial services, consumer, healthcare, and professional services.  The platform can deliver rich insights by analyzing more than 25 million pieces of content every day across 100 languages, 150 countries, and over 500,000 individual publications. 

We’re especially excited about alva‘s ESG assessment tools.  As ESG criteria are being weighed to assess performance, companies and investors are searching for solutions — both for understanding the materiality of risks and for comparison against market peers. Building on over 10 years of experience in delivering board-level reputation analysis to blue-chip firms, alva‘s ESG Intelligence tool provides comprehensive analysis of how any company is performing against its peer group.

As with our partnership with Ballast Research, we’ll reach out in the coming weeks to preview how alva‘s powerful tools can be helpful to you and your company. 

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