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HPS Launches Analysis Practice

December 10, 2019
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) today announced the formation of a new Analysis Practice within the firm. This new practice will serve as a formal platform for the research and analytics foundation that has long been the source of innovation for HPS in public affairs consulting.

“Our clients are wrestling with the challenge of increasingly complex issues and increasing levels of public scrutiny at the same time. A command of research, data, and analysis is a prerequisite to effective public affairs today,” said HPS Partner Matt McDonald. “This practice will ensure we continue leading original, compelling campaigns, enhancing understanding of issues, and pushing the boundaries of our work.”

HPS Senior Director Lloyd Miller has been named as the first head of the Analysis Practice, bringing a range of technical and programming skills to traditional HPS strengths across research, data, and policy expertise. The focus of the Analysis Practice will be to enhance public affairs through research that is rigorous, accessible, and thought provoking. Changing minds on issues and improving decisions in public policy and business requires an evidenced-based approach that allows expert audiences to understand complex situations from multiple perspectives.

HPS will continue building effective campaigns by incorporating new applications for trusted analytical approaches, identifying and structuring data from across sources, and telling compelling stories backed by original research and creative visualizations.

Stuart Siciliano,, 202-822-1205

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