Leading thinking


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Hamilton Place Strategies is a consulting firm founded on the philosophy that a better understanding of business and economics leads to more effective communications and ultimately better outcomes for the global economy and its participants. Our team of professionals has a diversity of experience, including: corporate communications, financial analytics, government, management consulting, national media, and politics.
We take an analytical approach to communications that we think of as ‘analytical public affairs’. Like analytical journalism seeking to illuminate public debates for readers, we apply creativity, analytical rigor, and topical expertise to improve public understanding of issues. Here’s how it works:
  • We draw from our in-house research and analytical capabilities to understand the complex issues our clients are facing. 
  • Then we combine analytical rigor with proven communications techniques and a ‘show-don’t tell’ bias to explain issues to target audiences.
  • Finally we identify and cultivate the voices necessary to make the story come to live and persuade stakeholders of the right solution. 

That’s Leading Thinking.

For more on the work we do, see our explainer piece: HPS Explained.

The HPS Approach